Undergraduate/Masters Research Application

Undergraduate and Masters Application Form

If you are an undergraduate or masters student looking to apply for a research project with Knowsley Safari then please fill in the application form in full.
  • How will your project benefit our animals, species conservation and/or visitor experience?
  • What will you investigate and what are your predictions?
  • How will you collect and analyse your data? How many hours of data will you collect? Do you need to conduct a preliminary study?
  • What facilities and/or equipment do you need and where will you get it from?
  • E.g. journals, conference proceedings, posters.
  • Exact details of what is required, where from, how they need collecting and when.
  • If so, how would this be monitored and controlled?
  • Application forms will be kept in a locked file for three years (or duration of the research if longer) and then archived securely for a further two years, after which time they will be destroyed. Completed projects, including authors names and institution will be added to the research library at Knowsley Safari and will be stored indefinitely. The completed project will be accessible to all internal staff. Completed projects will be shared with external organisations including BIAZA and EAZA when required.


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