Research priorities

We have a list of research projects that are our priority and that we would support applications for. If you have a specific project title in mind on one of the species listed please contact and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Projects with support from the BIAZA Research Committee are much more likely to be accepted – more information can be found here.

Available Research Projects

Carnivores &  Hoofed Stock
 Blackbuck – Social dynamics & interactions
 Roan antelope & Blesbok – Personality traits
Burmese brow-antlered deer – Management approach
Somali wild-ass – Social Network Analysis
Kafue flats letchwe – Veterinary physiology
Pere David’s deer – Grooming behaviour
Rhinos & Primates
Common zebra – Social dynamics; Activity budgets
Common eland – Genetic analysis; Herd management; Personality traits; Communication; Dominance; Grooming; Social hierarchy
White rhino – Reproductive status monitoring
Slender tailed meerkat – Social structure & dynamics
Tapir – Activity budgets & enclosure use; Social dynamics & interactions
Sitatunga – Social dynamics & interactions
Giraffe – Activity budgets; Social dynamics & interactions
European elk – Activity budgets & enclosure use; Visitor effect
Egyptian fruit bat – Housing modifications & activity budgets
All sections
Dietary analysis; Parasitology; Endocrinology; Virology;  Reproductive physiology; Genetics; Visitor effects; Exhibit design.
Learning &  Discovery
Evaluation of formal & informal teaching methods;  Informal & non-formal interpretation; Visitor experience
Native species  &  conservation
Land management techniques; Hedgerow biodiversity; Squirrelpox



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