Our Research Policy

Mission: to connect communities with the natural world for the benefit of future generations.

1. All research must be compatible with the organisations mission statement. Priority will be given to projects in areas of specific interest to Knowsley Safari – available from http://www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk/conservation-research/

2. The subject of the research must aim to benefit individual animals, species, habitats, and/or the organisation in some way. Approval cannot be given to projects not logistically feasible, not scientifically valid and may not be given for projects that require a Home Office License.

3. All research undertaken must be assessed and approved to ensure scientific and ethical validity, to ensure animal welfare is not compromised and that the research complies with relevant UK and EU regulations. In accordance with the Zoo Licensing Act 1981, all research carried out is subject to ethical review.

4. KSP reserves the right to terminate a research project if dissatisfied with researchers conduct and may seek to publish any data collected independently.

5. All research must be reported in full and Knowsley Safari advised in advance of publication plans. Publication in peer-reviewed journals or conference proceedings is encouraged. Copies of any publications acknowledging Knowsley Safari are to be provided upon acceptance.

6. All images, videos, interviews, samples and data collected during the course of a study remain copyright of Knowsley Safari and authorisation should be sought prior to publication.

7. All reports should fully acknowledge the involvement of Knowsley Safari.

8. A copy of all raw data, appropriately annotated to allow independent interpretation must be provided to the Research and Conservation Officer on completion of the study.

9. A supporting letter from the BIAZA Research Group should be submitted for any multi institutional studies.

10. The researcher must cover costs relating to the project.

11. A researchers pass allowing access to the park for the duration of the study must be present at all times. Acceptance of a research application includes an induction, taxon report for the study species, introduction to the appropriate team(s) and assistance where necessary.

12. It is strongly advised that zoo research guidelines available from http://www.biaza.org.uk/Research/research-resources/research-guidance/ should be consulted for information on how to conduct research at Knowsley Safari.

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