Wild Camel Protection Foundation

The camels you can see at Knowsley Safari are a domesticated type of those remaining in the wild. Wild camels are Critically Endangered, one of the most at-risk land mammals in the world.

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation work exclusively to protect wild camels living in the Gobi desert. A breeding population is cared for by the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, within their natural home range. These camels need to be monitored and cared for all year with extra food provided during winter. From this group of camels, individuals can be released into the wild to boost populations.

Since 2015, we have raised awareness about the plight of the wild camel and funding to contribute to their care. We’ve hosted camel themed events and offered unique experiences to meet the camels at Knowsley Safari. Each event has been fun for families and packed with facts about these amazing animals.


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