Knowsley is home to a huge array of bird species, from small woodland species to water birds and waders. There are seasonal variations within the species present, with some species stopping to breed and other species spending the year here. We undertake extensive surveys throughout the year to ensure we are capturing the true extent of the species that use the habitats here and undertake action to support the population when necessary e.g. providing supplementary food and nest boxes. Research from a British Trust for Ornithology study shows the provision of bird feeders supports population growth and increases the diversity of species present.


Help Birds where you live

It’s easy to help birds in your outdoor area:

Using a bird table or bird feeder – keep it clean, provide a variety of food and make it inaccessible for other animals like grey squirrels and cats

Leave water out – many people put food out for birds but forget about water! Birds will drink the water and use it to bath in

Buy or build a bird box – perfect for nesting or sheltering from the weather

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