Southern White Rhino Breeding Program

Our White Rhino are part of an EEP and over the last ten years we have seen 12 calves born here at Knowsley Safari  with the latest at the beginning of 2018 making us one of the top breeding collections in Europe.

A new male calf was born to 23 yr old Meru in January 2018, baby Jabari. This birth brings much needed diversity to the captive gene pool and will ultimately help to bolster the captive rhino population. We have a large 100 acre space here for the crash to grow that helps us keep up such a consistent breeding programme, which ranks us as one of the top white rhino breeding groups in Europe.

Jason our Rhino Team Leader said: “We’re so pleased with the success of our rhino breeding programme, especially as it’s no mean feat to get a birth! The scheme gave us our first female calf in 2005. This was followed in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018 by more rhino calves to add to our crash of rhinos. It’s great to see them getting into herd-life, whether they’re chomping on the grass or catching some sun. As always, it’s a total delight to me, all the keepers and the visitors too, to welcome a newborn into the Knowsley fold.”


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