Bush Dog Breeding Programme

Our bush dog family has welcomed 5 new puppies into the family this year. That make 11 bush dogs here at Knowsley Safari, a fantastic achievement for the team and great news for the species.

Our bush dog pair, Simon and Lola arrived on safari separately in 2016. Since then they have thrived, becoming proud parents to 4 puppies in 2017 and another littler of 5 early 2018.

When Simon and Lola arrive here, we hoped that they would play an incredibly important part in the conservation of the species. Bush dogs are the only species left of their genus and in fact, very little is known about this little canine, so having them here at Knowsley Safari is really important!

Since their arrival Simon and Lola are well under way to creating their own family. Their first little of 4 are now almost fully grown and are getting braver every day. The bush dogs are a very social animal and this big family is seeing them becoming more adventurous in their habitat and displaying their natural behaviours.

Bush dogs are the world’s smallest pack hunting dog. They have webbed feet and are great at swimming, which is why this habitat was perfect for them. You’ll see them paddling in the pond, or moving as a pack over the log bridge.

In late 2018, an exciting development happened in our bush dog family. One of our original pups, Ayiana, became old enough to start her own family. Having seen and help raise pups that were born after her, she was the perfect candidate to help conserve this amazing species. A home was found in Holand, Dierenpark Zie-Zoo, an so Ayiana started her journey.

UPDATE: Ayiana reached Holand and settled in well to her new home. She immidiately bonded with the male there and although they are both still quite shy, we hope she will soon be continuing on this elusive, endangered species.


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