Working together to secure their future

We've partnered up with Spectacled Bear Conservation Society to help further the conservation efforts of the Andean bear, also affectionately known as the Spectacled bear due to its distinctive facial markings.

Andean bears are unfortunately at risk of extinction and listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with potentially as few as 2,500 mature individuals remaining. The bears are under threat from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict, including poaching.

Our Conservation partner


To further the conservation of spectacled bears in Peru by engaging in a partnership with Spectacled Bear Conservation Society (SBC), a Peruvian non-profit organisation.

By joining forces with the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society, we aim to safeguard and protect the future of this remarkable species, making sure of their continued existence for generations to come by providing support in the form of equipment provisions and educational materials.

How will we help?

We're aiming to provide resource support to Spectacled Bear Conservation Society through our staff contributing to technical projects, educational programs and communication campaigns, providing material resources and equipment, and also promoting SBC through social media and sharing with our guests on-site during keeper talks, guest engagement and zoo interpretation. 

Andean bear cub

Key Facts

Why are Andean bears also called spectacled bears?

Imagine a bear wearing a stylish pair of spectacles! That's how Andean bears earned their nickname, thanks to their unique facial markings – distinctive rings around their eyes.

Andean bears have lots of different names including:

·       Spectacled Bears

·       Andean Short-faced Bear

·       Jukumari (local Aymara language)

·       Ukumari (local Quechua language)

·       Tremarctos ornatus (scientific name)

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