Welcome to Wolf Country

23rd August 2017

Wolf Country is now open!

Wolf Country is our newest experience at Knowsley Safari. We’re combining real wolves with an adventure trail families can do to become wolf rangers. Wolves face the same threats the world over but their portrayal as the baddie is changing. Here at Knowsley Safari we are using a new area of the park to create an interactive experience where guests can try to spot real wolves and head out into the woods to test their tracking skills to become wolf rangers.


The experience begins as guests come face to face with a huge wood carving of a wolf, her gaze directs you along the first part of the trail where you use hidden peep holes to sneak a peek at Iberian wolves living at the edge of the wood. These viewing holes are a great chance to see the wolves without them seeing you but not all is as it seems, behind some of the peep holes there are a few surprises!

You’ll be able to pick up a thing or two about wolves and amaze your family with your new found wolf knowledge before arriving at a landscape viewing area. This wide view is under cover so you can take a moment to see how elements such as the planting, stone and water have been created to demonstrate how a natural habitat would be utilised by wolves. They’re a secretive species so the new area has been designed to give lots of areas where the wolves can move between and raised areas for the wolves to view their surroundings.


While you are surveying the landscape searching for wolves moving through the habitat you will need to listen out for the ranger call. A ranger patrol vehicle is parked in the nearby area and it is from here you will be called on to go in search of wolves in the woods. Follow the track through the woods and see what clues you can find that wolves are living in the area. Can you find a wolf den or hear howling? Are those foot prints a wolf and her cubs or are they domestic dogs or bears? Those partially buried bones, is this a kill site or have wolves buried their dinner for later? You can also look out for the trackers best friend, scat, otherwise known as poo! If you find it, can you tell if it is wolf or does it belong to something else?


Once you have completed your survey of the habitat you can discover just what conservationists would do when finding wolves. Protecting the area, working with local communities on the benefits of having wolves living close by such as generating income from tourism. You and your family are now wolf rangers and have successfully protected this habitat.



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