Tiger Cam!

Keep updated with the behind the scenes view of the tiger trail!

Rainy mornings spent exploring!

[UPDATE 06.09.2018]

A bit of rain doesn’t put off our Amur tigers! In the Amur region of Russia temperatures can get to -50’C! Their thick fur keeps them nice and warm! Here they are exploring during a late morning rain shower!

Evening sun

[UPDATE 26.07.2018]

In all this hot weather our tigers are taking advantage of the evening sunshine to explore.


[UPDATE 30.05.2018]

Tigers, like all cats are extremely agile. Strolling across a log is not a problem for the Amur tiger, and all part of their explorations of the Amur Tiger Trail.

The Jump

[UPDATE 17.05.2018]

See for yourself the amazing abilities of the Amur Tiger! They can jump a whole 3m!


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