Our Tigers Have Moved!

After over a year of planning, building, and a huge team effort, our New Amur Tiger Trail was finally ready for two very special female tigers to move in!

The tigers have made the move from our carnivore section on the safari drive, to their brand new state of the art home on the Foot Safari. Our keepers make the process look easy, but it was anything but! Moving two fully grown tigers demanded the care and attention of members of the team from across the safari. We all came together to ensure this process went smoothly, from monitoring the tigers throughout the move through the safari drive, right up to preparing for their first waking moments in this new home.

Hear Carnivore Keeper Pete, moments after the move, explaining the process from the keeper’s point of view

Moving Bira and Sinda required them to be sedated. This meant our resident vet was there for every step of the move and gave us the fantastic opportunity to learn a little bit more about our tigers. We were able to weigh each tiger. This will enable us to provide much more specific dosages of medications in the future!

We were also able to take blood samples from both tigers, giving us an insight into their overall heath and their reproductive status and genetic viability.

Now our Amur tigers are on our Tiger Trail, we’re one step closer to opening this area for our guests and letting you see all the hard work that’s gone into creating this new and exciting area!

The tigers will now settle into their new home, and we can’t wait to show you.

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