New Tiger Habitat Coming to the Foot Safari

19th July 2017

We’ll let you in on a little secret…

You might have noticed some building work happening on the safari, well we can now announce that all the commotion is because we’re building a new home for our Amur Tigers!

The building work is currently taking place to the side of our carpark and the giraffe enclosure. This is going to be a brand new area as part of our foot safari, for both our guests and our tigers to explore!


So why are we doing this…

We listened to you, our guests, when you told us that the tigers are difficult to spot on the safari drive. They can be very elusive and they love settling down in the shady spots at the back of their habitat. Unfortunately, this means that you often miss out on seeing this magnificent creature when driving past.

The new tiger habitat will include more viewing spots across the enclosure, giving everyone a truly wild experience.

Here at the safari we’re always striving to create the very best environment for our animals. So by moving the tigers, we can give them a new habitat that is much closer in terrain to the Siberian forests that follow the Amur river in Russia.


What will the new habitat be like?

Well, we can’t reveal too much as it’s currently top secret, but you’ll come away from this area feeling like a newly graduated explorer, ready to take on your next wild adventure!

The habitat itself will be much closer to the tiger’s natural habitat. It will be bigger and better, and a fantastic place for our Amur tigers to thrive. We’re all set to create a habitat fitting of such a beautiful, majestic animal.


When are they moving?

We’re just at the very beginning of the process, so it’s hard to know exactly when the tigers will move down. But in early 2018 you could be starting the year with an adventure around this brand new area!

That’s all I can reveal for now I’m afraid. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon… We’re excited!


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