Bush Dog Pups first check up

22nd March 2018

Watch as our keepers let you in to some behind the scenes action on safari.

Back in the beginning of this year our bush dog family got a lot bigger as 5 new puppies were born. Now, on a rainy day in March, it was time to check on their progress, ensure they’re fit and healthy and give them their first inoculations.

These check ups are carried out by our veterinary team and our animal keepers. These rare occasions of close contact with the bush dogs are incredibly important for us to keep on top of any potential issues and ensure we’re caring for these animals in the best possible way.

This check up saw the team weighing the pups, photographing them, taking fur samples, checking their feet and teeth and giving them the all important inoculations.

Watch the video below to see how we carried out these checks, working together as a team to ensure the process went as smoothly and calmly as possible.


Find out more about the bush dogs and their habitat in our Foot Safari Transformation page.


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