3 years in the making!

How we created a tiger's territory

3 whole years ago a plan was created to build a brand new tiger enclosure here at Knowsley Safari. The plan was to bring the Amur tigers down from their home on the foot safari, into an area that provided them with a much better habitat and also created the possibility of introducing a breeding programme. That means tiger cubs!

In 12 months, a natural wooded area of the foot safari was transformed into a world class tiger trail. The area already presented a perfect tiger habitat, very similar to that of the Amur forests. Mature trees provide natural shelter for the elusive animal, and natural water sources travel through the enclosure, giving the tigers the perfect place to drink, splash and cool down.

See the trail transforming before your eyes. The area is over 10,000m2 in size and over 5,800 tonnes of earth was moved around the site during the build, all to create the tiger territory you see today.

Watch as the largest tiger fence in Europe is erected, marking our the tiger’s new home. Each fence post is driven 3m into the ground, and rises to 6m high above ground! There are over 220 posts and 3,360m of chain link fence that make up this brand new trail. As a guest, you’ll follow this fence line, traveling through Amur with the Amur tiger, learning all about them along the way.


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