New puppies on the foot safari

19th February 2018

Our foot safari family is growing!


Our bush dog family has welcomed 5 new puppies into the family. That make 11 bush dogs now.

The bush dogs are a very social animal and this big family is seeing them becoming braver and more adventurous in their habitat.

Our bush dog pair, Simon and Lola arrived on safari separately in 2016. Since then they have thrived, becoming proud parents to 4 puppies last summer and now this winter’s 5 adorable little ones.

This family is playing an incredibly important role in the conservation of the species. Very little is known about the bush dog, the world’s smallest pack hunting dog, so having them here at Knowsley Safari is a privilege.

Top tips:

Our bush dog habitat is at the very heart of our safari transformation and will soon neighbour our Tiger habitat! Come back soon for updates on the tiger trail and the bush dogs.



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