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We’re at the start of a very exciting time of development in our foot safari. For those who have visited us over the past few months you’ll have already started to see signs of the changes that are afoot.  You’ll probably have noticed that we have a brand new road layout as you come into the safari park and it will have been hard to miss our new resident, Eliza the giraffe, who has taken up residence on one of our roundabouts (don’t worry about road safety – she’s a statue!).

Over the next few months you’re going to be seeing lots of changes in the foot safari – everything from a new entrance to our safari drive, to wolves and tigers moving into brand new purpose built habitats that will give visitors the chance to see them up close in a brand new way.

Whilst we are busy working on all of these exciting new developments some our animals will need to be moved from their current homes so we can undertake the building work. Our herd of elephants will be making a move to France to a new home in ZooParc de Beauval to participate in the European Breeding Programme and with the added benefit of getting away from all the noise and disruption too.  Plans are underway for a brand new state of the art elephant facility and we’ll be posting updates about both the move and the new elephant house here on our website over the coming weeks & months.

Once the last of our elephants have safely departed for their new home in Spring we will be starting work on creating an African Savannah which will be home to a tower of Giraffe, Scimitar- Horned Oryx and Blesbok – there will be lots to look forward to for our guests!

We will be keeping all of our guests well informed about all the exciting things going on at the park so make sure you head back to this page regularly to see the latest updates and sign up for our newsletter to hear things first. Look out for our blog on “Why we’ve been swapping poo with France” and our time lapse video of Eliza taking up residence on her new roundabout.


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