Water Conservation: A Knowsley Safari Behaviour Change Challenge!

Posted by: Sarah Ryan
Posted on: 5th April 2016
Posted in: Conservation


Here in the UK, we rely on water for lots of things. Whether we are in school, at home, or even out and about, we always have access to fresh and clean water whenever we need it. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget just how valuable water is, but without it we wouldn’t be able to live! Not only do we use water to do things like brushing our teeth and washing our clothes, but we need water to grow the fruit, vegetables and meat we eat every day. Could you imagine a world without water?


We may be lucky enough to have it running through our taps, but millions of people around the world aren’t so fortunate and have to live without easy access to water and food. The World Water Council reports that the human population around the world is going to double in the next 50 years, which means there’s going to be even more people to feed using the same amount of water available today!

Our access to clean water is very limited, even in the UK. Only around 3% of the water in the world is safe for us to drink, which means we only have a very small amount to share between us all. As the global population grows and grows, it’s our job to use water more sustainably to make sure there’s always enough to go around!


You don’t have to be the boss of a big company or run the government to make real changes, you might be shocked to realise how much water you can conserve just by making a few simple changes right at home! Doing something as simple as turning off the taps while you brush your teeth could save 5 gallons of water alone. In an effort to conserve water and make the world a better place for years to come, we want you to take on our behaviour change challenge!

Here at Knowsley Safari, we need a lot of water to keep all of our different kinds of animals happy and healthy. We’ve taken on the behaviour change challenge to conserve water and reduce wastage across the park wherever we can! We’ve fitted water reduction bags in all of our toilets, saving 1 litre of water per flush – conserving an incredible 250,000 litres of water per year! We’ve also been using Smart metres across the park. These allow us to constantly monitor our water usage closely, and let us know about any leaks straight away.


With a few small changes to your daily routine, you too could conserve hundreds of gallons of water every year and help to support our environment. Are you up for the challenge? Send us your stories and photos using #BehaviourChange and work together with us at Knowsley Safari to conserve more!

Article by: Sarah Ryan

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