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We might be closed but you can still support Knowsley Safari in some amazing ways!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of kind words and requests to support us over the last few weeks, we couldn’t ask for better visitors!

While we're closed we're continuing to provide the highest quality care for all our animals, despite the lack of vital funds from our visitors, at a time when we should be raising money to see us through the quieter winter months. We've been so grateful for your words of support through these months, here are some more ways you can help.

Supporting our animals here at Knowsley

You can support the day to day cost of running a safari park and caring for all our animals here at Knowsley

Supporting animals across the world

Our separate Conservation Charity Foundation is doing fantastic work protecting wildlife and habitats and connecting communities to nature across the world. A donation here will help our Conservation Team and the charities we support protect animals such as Amur Tigers, Wild Camels and many more.

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