Sparks Fly: Which Animals Mate During Winter?

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 16th November 2016
Posted in: Animals

There is certainly a chill in the air and whilst we’re tuning up the vocals ready for a good old Christmas carol – a round of jingle bells anyone? – some of our favourite animals are turning on the charm and practising their best pick-up lines. Romance is in the air and the scent is so strong our elephants are having to invest in nose plugs!

All those loveable little baby animals we see in spring and summer are thanks to the wonderful winter! So sit back and hold on tight to find out which of our animals could give you some real #relationshipgoals

#1 Fallow Deer

Don’t get us wrong, the activity levels for deer and antelope are always at a high, but at no time are they strutting their stuff more than during the rut! Males have been growing their magnificent antlers for months and now is the time to put them to the test. When the buck has set his sights on a pretty lady he will fight off any other that tries to take her away!




#2 European Moose

Now for a loud one! During mating season, moose will call out to each other; male grunting sounds can even be heard from up to 500 miles away – that beats any alarm clock we’ve ever had! Even though a male moose seeks out several lovely moosettes to breed with, he is still very protective and will even fight for access to females! Those antlers aren’t just there to look pretty.


#3 Nilgai

The nilgai are the largest Asian antelope, and they are big on finding a mate! A rutting male is prepared to travel to seek out a female, now that is what we call dedication. Males at this time need to establish their dominance to woo female nilgai – they do this by fighting off other males! We don’t know about you, but we’re starting to see a pattern here.




#4 Barasingha

This ungulate has a long breeding season lasting from September to April – that’s an amazing eight months. An average herd of barasingha consists of 8-20 individuals, however, a large herd can have up to 60 members and, during the rut these deer form large groups of adults. It sounds like a rowdy night out to us!


#5 Bald Eagle

For all the romantics out there, we have the tale of the bald eagle. This raptor gets a head start when it comes to nesting as it lays its eggs in February – but not before the happy couple flies back to where they were born, after all, there’s no place like home to start a family. These birds mate for life, and it’s not all plain sailing as choosing their life partner involves elaborate mating attempts, including flight displays and spectacular calls!


So, which of our animals is going to be your role model for romance?






Article by: David Pennington

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