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Knowsley Safari Spring Update

The last few months of winter have been challenging and it could have been the easy option to close the gates and shut down, just to have the animal care side of things running as normal. But we haven’t done this. We’ve been busy…

Over the past few years we’ve been investing and upgrading, starting of course with our Amur Tiger Trail; we’ve been continuing the work on the foot safari. When you come back this spring you’ll see what we’ve been working on while closed. If you can’t wait until then, read on for what’s new at the safari park this spring.

Bush dogs – we gave a glimpse of the building work at the bush dogs on social media a few weeks ago and this project is almost complete. The bush dogs moved to the safari drive so we could redevelop their area including a new house for them and extra viewing windows for our guests. The final touches and planting are being finished to their area before they return in the coming weeks. So if you don’t see them on the foot safari, look out for them on the safari drive.

Foot safari bridge – the transformation of the foot safari couldn’t really happen without upgrading the bridge that takes you to the meerkats and giraffe so this has now been replaced and looks great not just during the day but the floor lighting is fantastic in that dusky early evening light as guests make their way home.

Pizza anyone? – After reopening in the summer we had created a day out that was safe for guests wanting to have a taste of normality and we adapted everything we could to achieve this. Our restaurant team did an amazing job creating table service and takeaway options in line with the level of restrictions at the time. We’ve now added extra options such as a new pizzeria takeaway and dessert pod you can find near the outdoor grill. So you have more choice when fuelling the fun. Our restaurant remains open with deli options, homecooked favourites, light bites and refreshments. Spoilt for choice!

He’s so handsome, what’s his name? New stripes on the trail – The keen eyed among you will have no doubt spotted some new stripes on the Amur Tiger Trail. We’ve been dropping new pictures on our social media of the latest arrival to the tiger project at Knowsley Safari. Miron has arrived following Kuzma’s departure last year. For now, we have moved Bira to the safari drive so look out for her there. This move allows for the new male to mix with Sinda. We’ll be sharing updates as this progresses.

What’s next? – We’re continuing the work on the foot safari and our next project is developing the wolf country area so when you visit this spring you’ll notice the wolves have moved to the safari drive. There is a bit of work to do in this area so it will be better for the wolves to move them out. There is still access to the woodland walk, birds of prey and boating lake for guests.

So that’s a summary of some of the changes you’ll notice when you come back. We still have all our covid secure measures in place and we will review them as guidance changes over the coming months. You can find the most up to date information on sea lion display, rides and about booking here.

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