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It’s that time again, where the leaves turn brown and everyone’s rushing to the shops for a new pencil case. That’s right it’s back to school time! Whether you’ve got the scholarly sulks or you can’t wait to hit the books, we have some animals that could certainly join you in the classroom!


#1 Baboons

We all know how impressively clever primates are, after all, we do share a lot of our DNA with them! This level of intelligence is no different for our cheeky friend the baboon; with their very complex social systems, use of natural tools and ability to understand numbers and communicate with facial expressions, we fail to see why baboons aren’t in a tie and blazer.


#2 Bees

Although the lone bee may not be overly intellectual (who hasn’t experienced a bee mistaking a can of pop for nectar?), when a hive comes together there is a good chance of them receiving an A*! Bees are a swarm intelligence, they’re excellent group workers! They also have the most complex language out of any animal, this takes the form of dancing! We wouldn’t like to be up against a hive in P.E.!


#3 The Egyptian fruit bat

How could we create a list of our most intelligent animals without including the only mammal capable of flying? Flying definitely landed them a spot on our list but these winged warriors have so much more to offer. Bats communicate by using echolocation, they do this by using their tongues to make sharp clicks. We would definitely recommend taking ear plugs if you’re in a classroom with the fruit bat!


#4 Owls

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, owls have been seen as highly intelligent and wise animals. These skilled birds of prey have exceptional vision which helps them hunt, they also have keen senses and are able to camouflage their bodies. However, the actual level of intelligence an owl has is a common misconception, in fact these birds fall into the lower range of bird intelligence. Maybe they didn’t deserve that place at Hogwarts after all.


What Knowsley animal would you like to see behind a desk? Let us know!



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