7 Spooky Animals to Dress up as this Halloween

Posted by: Sarah Ryan
Posted on: 28th October 2016
Posted in: Animals

T’is the season to get spooky! 2016 is racing by faster than one of our wildebeest at full speed, and now we’re ditching the summer hats for vampire fangs and witches brooms. Hand in hand with the chilly evenings comes one of our favourite holidays – no, not National Chocolate Day (although that’s a close second) – we’re talking about Halloween, of course!

Now, it’s a given that we’re all a bit animal-mad here at Knowsley, and this spine-tingling holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to dress up as some of our most frighteningly favourite animals!

#1 Bat

They hang out in caves (quite literally) and become active at night! Thanks to their Draculian counterparts, there are plenty of costumes out there for the surprisingly large megabat. Take some inspiration from our deep, dark bat forest if you’re making a costume from scratch (you knew that old black umbrella would come in handy) – if you’re worried about getting too close, you can stand safely behind viewing windows!

#2 Wolf

What has furry paws and howls at the full moon? A wolf, of course! Or, more specifically, a werewolf… Folklore has given wolves a bad rep; stories from Little Red Riding Hood to the Three Little Pigs teach us to be scared of them from early childhood. At Knowsley we can’t help but love our girls, Maria and Morena – so switch out the fairy tales for furry tails and get howling this Halloween!


#3 Black Vulture

We’d say that the black vulture is the scariest-looking bird here at Knowsley – dress as one if you dare! As any fan of Disney films knows, the vultures often turn up to create a feeling of doom before something bad happens. Well, get ready to hide behind a pillow: not only do these huge birds strike fear into the heart of many, they lay their eggs in dark, dreary caves and feast on dead animal carcases! Pretty spooky right?

#4 Tiger

Why not go as the strongest and most fearless cat of them all this Halloween? We’re talking about the Amur tiger of course. These big cats don’t scare easily, but they definitely make us turn tail and run! That’s why we think they’re the puuurrfect costume. If you’re going out dressed up as a duo, make sure to get your markings right – no two tigers’ stripes are the same so don’t have a wardrobe cat-astrophe!

#5 Lion

We couldn’t include the tiger on our list and leave out its cousin, the fearsome lion! The king of the jungle makes a great group costume as lions are the only living cat species to live in family groups. Although we must warn you, if you’re planning on breaking out the face paint and mane and dressing up as these apex predators, your pride should probably get practising its roar – a lion at full volume can be heard up to five miles away!

#6 Barn Owl

This bird swoops silently through the night like a spirit to lunge at it’s prey from the black skies above – it’s the barn owl! A brilliant nocturnal hunter, the barn owl can hunt in complete silence, or even make eerie screeching and hissing noises too! One of its alternative names is the ‘Ghost Owl’ – you don’t get much spookier than that. Barn owls can be found pretty much anywhere in the world, which means no matter where you go trick or treating, we can assure you that you’ll have a stand-out Halloween costume!

Barn Owl


#7 Spider

What’s in a day’s work for the humble spider – oh, only being the most feared creature in the UK! This creepy crawly haunts the dreams of many of us in spite of the it’s valuable pest control duties. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the tiny money spider or the terrifying tarantula, a spider costume definitely has plenty of legs – literally! Dress as a spider this Halloween and you’ll have people running from your web!


What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Article by: Sarah Ryan

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