5 of the Best Animal Fathers at Knowsley Safari

Posted by: Sarah Ryan
Posted on: 16th June 2016
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We wanted to wish a big “Happy Father’s Day!” to all dads out there – feathers, fur, and all! As a tribute to all the father figures out there, we decided to make a list of all our treasured parents here at Knowsley Safari.

#5 Lion


Naturally, we couldn’t start our list without mentioning the king of the jungle, the lion! There is some stigma associated with the male lion’s parenting techniques: his lazy attitude and reputation with the ladies are probably no help. However, if the lion senses danger, he is quick to step up and ferociously defend his pride. Whenever the lion senses a threat, he will do anything to protect his family, and that is why he makes it to number five on our best father list!

#4 Rhea


Next up on our list we have rheas! Did you know that the male rhea can incubate up to 60 eggs at a time? Rheas do this for just over two months, with as little as two week’s food to feed him! As if this wasn’t enough, the rhea isn’t afraid of anything when it comes to protecting his brood, be it other rhea or even a human! No one wants to make the error of getting near this bird’s family.

#3 Owl


Maybe the hardest working dad we have here at Knowsley is the owl. During the winter, a female owl will lay two or three eggs, this is when the dad’s fatherly instincts will kick in. Whilst the lovely mother is keeping the owlets warm, the father is off bringing home the bacon, or in an owl’s case, mice, rats and even larger birds such as pheasants! The daddy owl continues to protect and feed his children throughout their lifetime, and that is why he certainly gets a place on our list!

#2 Wolf

The wolf is not only a good father but also an old school romantic. When the alpha meets his she-wolf, they usually stay together for life. The alpha male and female are usually the only wolves in the pack to breed, and once they do, the father takes his parenting duties very seriously! Whilst the mother recovers from giving birth, the proud father stands guard and brings as much food back as his family needs, the wolf is also known to be very generous, sharing any food he has with his pups. Once the mother has recovered and the pups have left the den, the whole pack shows some puppy love, helping the children find food and defend themselves. As the pups grow, the alpha-dad acts as a mentor showing them how to join the pack.

#1 Frog

This brings us nicely to the last on our list, the common frog. The frog protects up to 4,000 eggs at a time, and when they hatch, he continues to watch over and eliminate any threat that may come to his tadpoles. Frog fathers really will do anything for their young – even giving them a better home by digging them a bigger pond using their own legs and head! These dads continue to look after and defend their spawn until the spawn can fend for themselves and lay their own eggs.

 Which of our animal fathers are you going to be seeing at Knowsley Safari? Let us know in the comments below!



Article by: Sarah Ryan

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