5 animals who love to bask in the sunshine

Posted by: Sarah Ryan
Posted on: 8th January 2016
Posted in: Animals

Are you excited for this year’s summer solstice? Well, human beings aren’t the only ones eager for a season of frolicking in the sunshine. Here are a few animals who will be enjoying this year’s sunny forecasts as much as you:


Our herd of rhino will be eagerly looking forward to the sudden summer showers that will turn any dusty wallow into sunny mud baths! Mud bathing has many benefits for a rhino, who will get absolutely caked in the stuff, wait for it to dry, and then scratch themselves against trees. First of all, it protects their skin from the sun, but it also helps rid themselves of parasites. Besides, a mud bath is nice and cool on a hot day!


As soon as temperatures begin to rise and we move on to sunnier days, birds use this time to lay their eggs and care for their young. The summer months are the perfect time to prepare a young bird for life on its own with the better weather meaning plenty of food. Once the summer has finished only the fittest will survive what can be a harsh winter season for a fledging bird that has only known warm days and lots to eat.


Cold-blooded creatures, reptiles love to bask in the sun, to ensure basic cell functionality and to improve normal biological functions. Reptiles are ectothermic, which means that they acquire heat from the environment around them, while birds and mammals such as human beings are endothermic, meaning that we have an internal heating system inside of our bodies. This means that reptiles need to sun-bathe to survive!


Lions rest for up to 20 hours each day. It’s certainly more pleasant to lie out in the sun all day than try to curl up somewhere away from the pouring rain. Lions are definitely sun-lovers,and like all top predators they’re not a fan of wasting energy!


Bumblebee queens hibernate throughout winter and only awaken when spring comes along. With the sun shining, flowers begin to bloom and flourish, giving these bees the opportunity to collect and consume nectar to create honey. Bumblebees love it best when the sun is out and flowers are packed with pollen. Of course, they can’t survive cold temperatures without going underground and hibernating, so the summer time is their favourite time!


Article by: Sarah Ryan

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