5 Animals from The Jungle Book That You Can Spot at Knowsley Safari!

Posted by: Sarah Ryan
Posted on: 14th April 2016
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We don’t know about you, but we are incredibly excited for the upcoming launch of The Jungle Book on April 15th 2016 – it’s set to be a family favourite for years to come!

This wonderful childhood story, written by Rudyard Kipling, is full of captivating characters, plenty of philosophical magic and an amazing, can’t-help-but-sing-out-loud soundtrack! Reflective of the part animals have to play in the world and beautifully capturing the individual personalities of jungle wildlife. The 1967 version of The Jungle Book was the last film to receive the late Walt Disney’s personal touch.


jungle 2

The 2016 version is set to be just as magical, with modern animation effects and an all-star Hollywood cast, including Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray providing voiceovers.

So what animals do we have here at Knowsley that can also be seen in The Jungle Book? And which is your favourite?

Colonel Hathi

Colonel Hathi, a majestic elephant, is known in The Jungle Book for being the protector of the jungle. He acts in a buffoonish way but, unlike the stereotypes of most elephants, is very forgetful. Our elephants are different to Colonel Hathi in that they’re African elephants as opposed to Indian, like the Colonel. They are similar in a lot of ways too, they are also protectors, looking after their territory and always keeping an eye out for one another!


Rama is a beautiful character, a prominent member of the wolf pack, who is caring and fatherly. Our wolves are Iberian, not Indian like Rama, however just like in The Jungle Book, our wolf pack have an incredible bond. Rama’s job in The Jungle Book is to be raise Mowgli; this is reflective of the nature of the alpha couple that exist in all wolf packs!

Shere Khan

Arguably one of the most notorious characters, Shere Khan is a mysterious, confident, and frightening character! As we know, tigers are carnivores, and Shere Khan’s main goal throughout the film is to kill Mowgli. Shere Khan is in fact a Bengal tiger; these tigers can be found in areas such as Nepal, China and Myanmar. Our tigers, Sinda and Bira are Amur tigers which can be found in the ice cold climates of Russia!


One of the smaller characters in The Jungle Book, Mang is a bat, and a student of Baloo (a sloth bear). Baloo teaches Mang how to tell a rotten branch from a good one and how to get along with bees. Here at Knowsley, we have Egyptian fruit bats, sociable animals who, as the name suggest, love to feast on all kinds of fruit. Fun fact – Mang is actually Hindi for the word bat!


Bandar-log is not a character but a tribe of monkeys; it is thought that the Bandor-log could be a group of gray langur who are known to be mischievous, thieves of treasure. We have some mischievous cheeky monkeys of our own here at Knowsley; our baboons are always acting cheekily, just like the Bandar-log, andyou could get a front row seat if you hop on board our Baboon Bus!

If you’re looking to relive the The Jungle Book in real life, Knowsley Safari is a great place to start 🙂

Is your favourite Jungle Book character the same as your favourite animal here at the park? Let us know in a comment below!

Article by: Sarah Ryan

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