Amur Tiger Trail

Opens Friday 25th May 2018

Brand new, this summer at Knowsley Safari, the Amur Tiger Trail where visitors can explore a forest in search of tigers. This is no ordinary walk in the woods!

The new development has taken over a year to complete and guests visiting this summer will have the chance to immerse themselves in the Russian themed exhibit and learn all about the Amur Tiger – also known as the Siberian tiger

The journey through the tiger habitat reveals fantastic areas for making observations through full length viewing windows. The whole visitor experience has been designed with fun and learning in mind.

Amur tigers are an Endangered species with populations thought to be around 500 in the wild. Of the nine subspecies of tiger three are already extinct and the Amur tiger are the largest living species remaining. Tigers are poached for their skins and bones and their habitat is cut down illegally to make timber and paper products used around the world.


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