Winter Safari For £20 Per Car

5th November 2018 - 15th February 2019

Our winter offer is still here all the way until 15th February 2019!

We’ll start with a gift to you: an amazing offer! £20 per car onto the safari drive and FREE entry to the foot safari!

So what does that mean?

For just £20, a car full of up to 7 people* can come along on safari for an adventure around the safari drive!

No car? The foot safari will be free to enter all winter. This is where our Brand New Amur Tiger Trail is situated, plus, our animal display times can be found here to add something extra special to your day.

*seated in a car seat.

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Amur Tiger Trail

This will be our two Amur Tiger’s first Christmas in their new home. The Amur Tiger comes from Russia where temperature can reach -50! So they’ll feel right at home this winter, we can’t wait to see them playing in their first snow!

Winter Warmers

Need a quick warm up. Our Oasis restaurant will be selling tasty hot treat all through winter, as well has steaming hot chocolates and coffees to keep your hands toasty and warm. Come on in when your stomach starts grumbling!


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