4. Amusement Tickets Office

Ice Breaker Trail

The Information Centre, one of the busiest, bustling places where people can come and ask questions, buy ride tickets, take out memberships etc, etc, etc.

Your task

Each guest who enters the safari drive in their car is given a safety hanger for the journey. This tells them all the information they need whilst they are on the drive so they can stay out of danger.

Enter the Information Centre, tell the member of staff that you are part of the Get, Set, Go Trail! and ask them for a safety hanger. They will know what you need.

The next clue…

First make you way past the honeypot bears. Your next animal is down some stairs.

He …

Barks like a dog,

Moves like a slug,

Glides like a plane,

And has got really, good, aim.



Your next letter is C!

Good luck!


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