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20% RoundelThe sun is out, the kids are off and it’s 20% off online from Saturday 23rd July here at Knowsley Safari! Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with wild adventures from prowling alongside our ferocious pride of lions to monkeying about with our infamous baboon troop! With over 700 animals across 550 acres of safari drive, you’ll never have the same experience twice

At our walk-around area you’ll meet our majestic herd of elephants, giraffes, and even baby meerkats! Take a trip on Check in Pointthe Equatorial Express to get up close and personal with the animals you might
find living close to the equator, including tapirs and capybaras, or join us for displays of incredible talent with Flight of the Talons and Sea Lion shows!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, take out a rowing boat on Mizzy Lake, take part in the
world’s biggest high ropes adventure course with Aerial Extreme or jump on our amusement rides! And when the day is winding down, grab a bite to eat from our Oasis Restaurant or brand new outdoor grill, serving fresh, locally sourced food cooked to perfection.

So get down to Knowsley Safari and save a whopping 20% off online bookings this summer!

*Offer ends Sunday 4th September



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