1. Archway

Ice Breaker Trail

Welcome to the first location of the Knowsley Safari, Get Set GO trail!

To continue on the trail you will need your team leaflet, a working phone (with camera), a pen or pencil and all of your team mates – don’t leave any one behind!

Remember, keep checking your leaflet for a chance to win BONUS POINTS throughout the trail or at the end if you have spare time!

The trail will take around 45 minutes to an hour, you will now work in a coalition of comrades, a pride of powerful brains, a swarm of students to see which team has what it takes to win the Get Set Go trail! and the finish point is the grass outside the Safari School. See you at the finish line!

Your first task

Create a TEAM NAME. Once you have decided write it on your leaflet!

Onto the first clue…

With a heart 20 times heavier than a humans, and the ability to kill a Lion with one kick, this animal really towers over Africa’s savannah.

At every point you will find a letter. Make a note of them on the front page of your leaflet and once you have them all, reshuffle the letters to reveal your mystery animal!

It’s the letter Y!

See you at the next location!


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