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Conservation and preservation are at the heart of any good safari park – especially ours. We're hugely proud of our population of over 700 animals – some very special and intriguing. We aim to give our explorers an amazing interactive experience, all to help them learn about endangered animals. And, we’re always applying our specialist skills to identify and investigate threats to biodiversity, then following with real action to stop them. So even though we’re all about discovery and learning, you’ll find just as much desire for the conservation of our beautiful animals.

In fact, we try to do everything in our power to communicate our passion for wildlife and environmental issues. Which includes offering ongoing support to various conservation groups through donations, fundraising and hands-on help. With this in mind, we’re proud members of BIAZA and EAZA, involved in conservation projects around the world, actively promoting awareness for a variety of wildlife and conservation issues.

Here are just a few


Along with other BIAZA members, we have donated money towards the creation of a reserve of Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. BIAZA, the World Land Trust and its partner REGUA, intend to purchase land for a 1,500 ha reserve, 80km... Find out more

Save The Rhino

KSP are now affiliated with Save-The-Rhino. We have donated £12000 to the Lowveld rhino trust for one of their newly formed programmes. In 2011, our 'year of the rhino!' we held fundraising... Find out more

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Our group of African Hunting Dogs arrived in 2006. We ran a fundraising campaign for the summer of 2007 which raised over £11,000. This money was split between two projects in South Africa which are involved with the conservation of...  Find out more

Primate Society of Great Britain

In 2008 two field project grants were given allowing research into the Wild Bornean Tarsier and Slow Loris. The funds allowed full research into species ecology... Find out more

Space for Giants

Knowsley Safari Park supports Space for Giants Elephant Conservation Project through funding for of their work, promotion of the organisation, fundraising events, evening talks and staff support in... Find out more